Red, White, Blue, Gray

It’s election day so I decided red, white, and blue ought to be a part of my selections for the day. Since the rules say no white after Labor Day I didn’t even consider white pants or coat. The shirt was the easy selection for white. I don’t have a red coat or trousers so that left red for the tie. Navy coat or suit for the blue by default. Since the tie I selected also had gray on it I decided to go with gray trousers and navy coat.

The colors come from the US flag, I guess. I knew the colors symbolized different things but I didn’t know the specifics so I Googled it up and found this description:

The color red is symbol of courage , enthusiasm, valor, blood and life. Then the color blue represents the azure sky and symbolizes the respect for God . The white color in the USA flag on the other hand means the purity and peace.

on this page:

I finished up with a red pocket square and “I Voted” sticker.

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