Dimpled Christensen Knot?

According to some sites, the knot I used this morning is a half Windsor. According to other sites, it’s a Christensen. Then there seems to be some confusion with Christensen and Cross and Victoria knots. I’m confused. What I do know is that it not a four-in-hand.

The tie is from TM Lewin and is a burgundy and navy dogtooth pattern. The very same tie as the one I wore on November 3 but with burgundy instead of purple. I got so many compliments on the purple one that I purchased this one thinking that compliments = great tie. The shirt is also a TM Lewin Windsor slim fit. The spread of the collar convinced me to try a larger knot style to help fill the tie space. The solid color, paisley patterned pocket square was a Christmas gift from my Sweetheart.

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