Vitriolic Rhetoric

I like this tie. I like it a lot. But it just did not want to play well to get its picture taken this morning. I finally gave up and what you see above is the best of almost 20 pictures. As I was beginning another round of picture taking there was a fair bit of vitriol spilling out under my breath. As I was meandering about the net, getting ready to write up today’s combination, I wandered over to my buddy Brooke’s blog, 100 Days, 100 Ties. I read this post and it changed my outlook on the day.

Here’s the thing. I honestly believe that most of us want what’s best for everyone. Where we disagree is the method to accomplish that. I honestly believe that if we assumed the good in each other we could all move forward in a respectful debate. Brooke took that leap of faith and assumed the other person would do the right thing. Just my two pennies.

The tie is a Tommy Hilfiger and the shirt is another TM Lewin.

  1. January 25th, 2011

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