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Purple Dogtooth

The tie pattern is what’s known as a dogtooth. Politics has been a dog fight for quite some time now. The purple is my hope that red and blue can find a way to work together. After all, purple is what you get when red and blue work in harmony. Read into that what you will…

Red, White, Blue, Gray

It’s election day so I decided red, white, and blue ought to be a part of my selections for the day. Since the rules say no white after Labor Day I didn’t even consider white pants or coat. The shirt was the easy selection for white. I don’t have a red coat or trousers so that left red for the tie. Navy coat or suit for the blue by default. Since the tie I selected also had gray on it I decided to go with gray trousers and navy coat.

The colors come from the US flag, I guess. I knew the colors symbolized different things but I didn’t know the specifics so I Googled it up and found this description:

The color red is symbol of courage , enthusiasm, valor, blood and life. Then the color blue represents the azure sky and symbolizes the respect for God . The white color in the USA flag on the other hand means the purity and peace.

on this page:

I finished up with a red pocket square and “I Voted” sticker.

Paisley FTW

It’s a Monday and the best part of it so far is my tie. FWIW…

Asser Friday. Turnbull and Asser, that is.

A tie on Friday? Sure, why not knot? This particular tie is a Turnbull and Asser. I have a few that I picked up on Ebay. Fresh prices for this brand are outrageous and I’d end up spilling something on it the first time a I wore one if I bought one new. The thing I really like about this brand is that they’re generally narrower in width but the taper is such that they still make a fairly substantial knot.

Check Your Dots

Or dot your checks. Who knew navy and purple went together so well. This is one example of when I let the tie tell me what to pair it up with. Now if I could just get the tie to help me with sentence construction. The shirt and suit are both checked – suit is actually called a windowpane. The suit is the same color throughout so the check is pretty muted, unlike the shirt.

Unsink the Pink


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I take as many opportunities as possible to mark the occasion by wearing pink. My pocket square even has little little pink ribbons on it.