Week of November 8

Monday, after a busy weekend. Forgot the camera at home so if I don’t do this now it will never get done. The shirt is another TM Lewin. The check is navy and blue. The tie is from J. Z. Richards in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The suit is a charcoal number with gold and blue pinstripes.

Charles Thyrwhitt calls this shirt’s color China Blue. I’ve most often seen it referred to as French Blue. What’s up with that? Today’s neckwear is an older Robert Talbott Best of Class. The background color changes depending on the lighting and view angle. It can look orange at times. I like the varying colors in the lattice pattern.

Wednesday and another Charles Tyrwhitt shirt. Regular blue rather than an ethnic blue. The tie is another Talbott Best of Class but of a newer vintage. Yeah, I know some people have a problem with black and blue being combined. The tie said that I could. Who am I to argue with that. And to take the bruise look one step further, there’s some purple in there too. Maybe the bruise look is better suited (pun intended) for the beginning or end of a week. I’m feelin’ it mid week this week.

TM Lewin shirt and Turnbull and Asser tie. I really like T & A ties. Not because of the “Asser” in the name although that is fun. Not because the “T & A”  is even more fun. They are on the slimmer side of things but still knot large enough with a four in hand to fill the tie space of a more spread collar.

I layered this under a navy sport coat (not pictured) since it’s fairly cold here today. And snowing. I searched for a red poppy for my lapel but had no luck.

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