Pretty standard stuff again today. Standard Charles Tyrwhitt blue oxford, standard red/blue stripe Brooks Brothers tie, semi-nonstandard navy windowpane sport coat. Pretty casual by some standards yet really dressed up compared to what I see around town these days. If I removed the tie it would still be a higher standard but wouldn’t garner any second looks walking down the street. Does a tie really make that big of a difference?

Basic Basics

How much more basic does it get than a navy suit, white shirt, and navy/white striped necktie? What the camera doesn’t show is the herringbone weave of the shirt. It doesn’t quite capture the windowpane pattern woven into the suit. It does show, however, the rep stripe in the weave of the tie going the opposite direction of the white stripe. It’s not as basic as it seems on the surface but it didn’t take any thought either.

The shirt is TM Lewin and the tie is another Turnbull and Asser that I thrifted quite some time ago. It seems to be fairly old yet still knots majestically. This model’s label reads “The ‘Turnbull’ Tie but lacks the reference to being the Prince of Wales’ shirt maker. Maybe a clue to its age?

And a semi-artsy photo:

Purple and Green?

Sure, why knot? The tie said I could and when I got a second opinion the pocket square said it was ok too. The suit looks black but in natural light it’s really a midnight blue.

Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and J.Z. Richards tie.

Tie Crossed and Dotted

Crossed with a tie clip, that is. Shirt and tie are TM Lewin. I checked the weather for today and decided that my shirt ought to reflect the unseasonably warm, Spring-like day.

Pink Monday

A little intraweb problem kept me from posting yesterday. I’d rather have a pink Monday than Fats Domino’s blue Monday. Or something.

Shirt and tie are TM Lewin. The coat is a thrifted, black camelhair. It was quite warm for a less than warm day. Not exactly sure about shades of gray and a lighter tie background than the coat but it was thrown together early on a Monday morning.

Broken Mr. Coffee Makes for a dimpled Friday

And I really don’t know how I got my tie knotted and straight without my morning dose of java. The shirt is a TM Lewin and another of  the Prince of Wales collar type. The French (China?) blue picks up the royal pinstripe in the suit. The tie is a Jos Bank woven whose gold background picks up the gold pinstripe in the suit. The royal stripe on the tie matches up with the blue of the shirt and suit pinstripe to tie it all together. So to speak…

Back to the nice, safe, unconfusing four in hand…

Today’s shirt is a cream colored TM Lewin, regular fit, Prince of Wales collar. I do like their slim fit because the regular fit contain so much extra fabric that it makes me look overweight. The tie is a Brooks Brothers Mini BB# 1 Repp stripe model in navy. The stripes are gold and what I would call royal blue. The gold stripes are the reason I chose the cream shirt. Had the shirt been busier I might have opted for a solid navy coat but chose the windowpane to add a little something more.

Notice the tie clip only makes it about half way across the blade of the tie. The clip traverses at least three quarters of the blade on some of my newer neckties. My newer neckties make a larger, fuller knot than this tie. The fullness comes from the thickness of the tie. The larger knot comes from the blade width where the knot is formed. Even though I prefer a four in hand knot I also prefer a larger knot to fill the tie space of the more spread collar shirts that I’ve recently begun to like. What I’m getting at is that I like a skinnier tie with a less severe taper than this Brooks Brothers tie. Feh, what do I know?

Anyways, it’s a theory.