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From the moment of my birth
To the instant of my death,
There are Patterns I must follow
Just as I must breathe each breath

Paul Simon originally did “Patterns”. At least I think he did.  I prefer Warrel Dane’s version.

Patterns for me today are a couple of stripes (suit & tie), a check(shirt), and a paisley(pocket square). This particular TM Lewin shirt has never graced the pages of this blog. Neither has the tie but that’s kind of the point in the blog. Unfortunately the flash removed the detail of the blue and gray check of the shirt and the blue stripe between the orange stripes on the Brooks Brothers necktie. The tie is knotted in a dimpled Prince Albert.


Striped Shirt and Tie

Monday was striped suit and tie day with a checked shirt. Tuesday was striped shirt and tie day with a checked (windowpane) sport coat. This Brooks Brothers necktie is the same as Monday’s but in different colors and tied in a Nicky knot because the TM Lewin St James cutaway collar needs more tie knot.

Gray Pinstripe Suit, Gray Striped Tie

I wish the flash hadn’t overpowered the blue gingham TM Lewin shirt but oh well. I’m really liking the way the blue stripe on the Brooks Brothers tie gets picked up by  the check in the shirt. The not-matching-blue in the paisley pocket square suits me as well. So to speak.

One of the reasons for blogging about my suit, shirt, and necktie combinations is to try and keep from getting in a rut. If I had not thought much about the combinations I probably would have paired this shirt and suit with a yellow tie like I did here, here, and here. The suits and shirts aren’t exactly the same but close enough.

Non Presidential

Not much in the way of comment today. It would seem everyone else has the day off. Even if they didn’t I would still be the only one sportin’ a gold, dimpled Brooks Brothers tie knotted in a four-in-hand. The French blue shirt is a TM Lewin Prince of Wales model. Happy Monday!

Friday in the Rut

Another Brooks Brothers #1 on a Friday. With the same sportcoat, no less. Basically the same combo as this Friday and this one too. It really has turned into the Friday uniform. The shirt is from TM Lewin.

Crooked Stance

Sheesh! Looks like I need something to lean on in this pic. Maybe my drop shoulder has gotten worse. I’m really liking the way the blue window pane of the suit hooks up with a blue shirt. Maybe if I’d quit patting myself on the back the shoulder wouldn’t droop so much. Ah, well…

Speaking of the shirt, it’s another TM Lewin. The necktie is a Brooks Brothers, knotted in a dimpled four-in-hand. Of course. Suit is a Jos Bank number.


What’s simpler than a navy sport coat and white shirt? You can select nearly any trousers and tie combination you like. I picked this yellow Brooks Brothers stripe. The pocket square is from Carrot and Gibbs who are more well known for their bow ties than anything else. The edges are yellow, matching the tie, and then blue, to add a little color. The interior of the square is a navy background with red and gold paisleys and flowers. I wore it with the interior showing last Friday with the same sport coat and same Brooks Brothers tie in Red. Must be some sort of uniform for Fridays. Or something.