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Red Stripes I

This is Monday’s getup. It’s been a busy few days so my time budget had to be adjusted. And the fun stuff is what gets the axe first.

The necktie is a fairly old Robert Talbott Estate model. The Estate line of stuff is generally Talbott’s top of the line. As far as ties go, the Estate resides just below the seven folds. I’ve sported a few seven fold pieces over the course of the blog so far. One Talbott, one Paul Fredrick, and one Charles Tyrwhitt. There’s some lengthy discussions out on the net regarding seven folds and whether or not there really are seven folds and counting folds, etc. If you follow the link to the Tyrwhitt version, you will see that I counted six on that one. It’s not a huge concern to me but I did find several of the discussions interesting at the time I read them many years ago.

Opposites Attract

Today’s combination is somewhat the opposite of a couple of Mondays ago. This Charles Tyrwhitt necktie is a super bright yellow that can be like staring into the sun. It also features a dark suit instead of a light colored sport coat. For similarity’s sake, the white french cuff dress shirt is the same Hawes and Curtis and the tie is dimpled into a four-in-hand knot. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Fat Ties

Ties are so expensive that I can’t get rid of any I own unless they get so unmanageably stained or frayed or whatever. The result is that I have a ton of old, wide ties. This one is a Ike Behar with a dark navy background and orange and lavender check. The shirt is a lavender Charles Tyrwhitt. The pocket square is a Robert Talbott.  Ties, fat bottomed or not, make this rockin’ world go round.

Another four-in-hand knot today. I just can’t keep up with the added planning of figuring out a tie that will work with a specific knot. Although today’s Paul Fredrick tie probably could have been coaxed into something out of the ordinary. The shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt. I’m really liking the way the blue window pane in the suit picks up the shirt color and the gold window pane the tie. Not really sure about my pocket square selection. Such is life.

Nicky Knot

Next up in the parade of tie knots, the Nicky. The Nicky is one of several knots that start with the tie’s back facing outward. What makes the Nicky different from the Pratt (or Shelby) is that when going back across the front for the last time, the blade (wide end) comes from the opposite side from where the blade went through the loop around your neck. Make sense? No? That’s why pictures make things so much easier – 1000 words ad all that. Check out the pictures for the Pratt and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

The tie is a Robert Talbott Studio model and the shirt is from Charles Tyrwhitt.

Blue Monday

I had a pink Monday back in the beginning of December and mentioned that I was glad it wasn’t a Blue Monday. Boy was I ever glad, hindsight 20/20 and all. Road rage on the drive in, yelled at twice at church last night, so on, so forth. Sure would be nice to do something wrong before I’m the object of so much angst.

Bright and cheery Charles Tyrwhitt striped tie over a TM Lewin navy and blue, checked, spread collar shirt under a pinstriped, gray suit. The tie claims to be a seven fold but it’s really only got six folds.

Maybe instead of Fats Domino’s Blue Monday, John Lennon’s Nobody Told Me. Or Maybe some version of Mama Said. Or maybe the Mighty Zep’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine.

Last Mimic Day

Ok, so today’s mimic is a stretch. I do have a blue, french cuffed shirt and very similar cuff links. The tie is similar in pattern but the color is far from grape. And I don’t think my suit is a gray, Keyser Söze. There’s no way I could come close to playing a villain as well as Kevin Spacey. The banana doesn’t come out of the lunch box until about 10:30 Mountain Time.  But I do have one killer pocket square.

The shirt is from Charles Tyrwhitt and the tie is a Ferrell Reed City of London. I’m not a huge fan of Ferrell Reed ties but their now vintage City of London line was quite good back in the day. I have several and like each one immensely. They are a little on the wide side, however, so they don’t get much wear anymore.

A couple of bonus shots from on my way to work at the crack of dawn this morning: