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Not Dimpled

Pretty impossible to dimple this necktie. Believe me, I tried. It’s from Alfani and I got it on the cheap. It’s also 100% polyester. Obviously I didn’t read the tag before I purchased it. I still like it because it’s way out of the norm for me. It’s skinny and has horizontal stripes. But it’s fun too. Yeah, that’s right, fun.

The shirt is a Charles Tyrwhitt and the sweater is from Paul Fredrick. The question of the day is pop the mock on the sweater or try and force it to lay down and play dead?

Rough in the Diamonds

The shirt is a Charles Tyrwhitt with contrast collar and cuffs. It’s the only one I own and rarely gets worn. I thought it would be pretty spiffy when I first got it but now, not as much. It does absolutely kill with this Jos Bank multi-colored and textured diamonds tie. To add to the kill factor of the ensemble is the gray and blue paisley pocket square. I thought there was enough killing going on at this point that I polished it all off with a plain, gray suit.

The tie itself doesn’t get worn much either because it ties a pretty terrible knot, in my opinion. Meh, whatchagonnado?

A Week of Nots

Back at it after the holiday. I thought I’d be moving to a new office this week but it’s not ready yet. It’s a bit of a disappointment but, on the other hand, I get to dress like I’m not moving office furniture yet. Life’s all about the trade offs and being happy with what ya got.

Shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt, tie is Jos A Bank, and pocket square is a Christmas gift. I like the pocket square so much that it’s going to be difficult to not wear it every day this week.

And the artsy-fartsy shot:


Forgot the camera at home so ended up taking the picture at home after work. Different camera setup made me look HUGE at the waist. I’m not. Goes well with the really fat bladed J.Z. Richards tie. Shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt. I really like the pattern on the tie but don’t wear it much thanks to the size of the blade.


Pretty standard stuff again today. Standard Charles Tyrwhitt blue oxford, standard red/blue stripe Brooks Brothers tie, semi-nonstandard navy windowpane sport coat. Pretty casual by some standards yet really dressed up compared to what I see around town these days. If I removed the tie it would still be a higher standard but wouldn’t garner any second looks walking down the street. Does a tie really make that big of a difference?