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Another Mimic

Not too bad a copy, if I do say so myself. I saw the Colbert Report on Cinco de Mayo and thought his wardrobe department had put together a pretty snazzy combination. It must have been memorable because I noticed a very similar tie yesterday while I was out goofing around. Rather than delay trying it out I paired it up with a windowpane suit instead of a pinstripe. I wore the pinstripe yesterday. The other differences? I’ve got French cuffs working today and, the most obvious difference is that I finish things off with a pocket square. His wardrobe department is quite good but they do need to step it up just a bit in that regard.

The coolest similarity is that Colbert also uses a dimpled four-in-hand. Hah!

Colbert Mimic Day 3

Hopefully close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, thermonuclear weapons, and basic colors and patterns because that’s all I got – close. As far as accessories go, Stephen needs to test drive a pocket square or three. He’s got me beat on the watch, though. My watch is a cell phone.

Shirt is TM Lewin and Tie is Alfani. One of only two Alfani neckwear pieces I own. The other is also a red and black stripe that I wore last week. Today’s model dimples. And the geek that is me looks at “Alfani” and begins to imagine a story where Alf and Ani Skywalker meet. Yeah, I’m a dork.