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Yellow Tie Week

I hadn’t even thought about it until I started this post and saw yesterday’s tie. Two yellow ties in a row. This particular tie is a Saville Row brand made in the USA. Go figure. The shirt is a TM Lewin. The v-neck sweater is from Lands End.

A Week of Nots

Back at it after the holiday. I thought I’d be moving to a new office this week but it’s not ready yet. It’s a bit of a disappointment but, on the other hand, I get to dress like I’m not moving office furniture yet. Life’s all about the trade offs and being happy with what ya got.

Shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt, tie is Jos A Bank, and pocket square is a Christmas gift. I like the pocket square so much that it’s going to be difficult to not wear it every day this week.

And the artsy-fartsy shot:

Belgian Waffle Humping

Belgian waffle-humping? Yup. My shout out to the Fangirl Suit Report. Rather than some reference to American Pie, it refers to a Stephen Colbert segment about Budweiser getting purchased by a Belgian company. Colbert is certainly a sharp dresser but he could step it up a notch or three by adding a pocket square. Just sayin’.

My Belgium Waffle-humping, blue necktie is made by Burma Bibas, as in I wear my bib as a necktie. Yeah, prolly not how one would pronounce, “Bibas”.

The Semi Standard Look

Not much to say. Pretty standard, off the shelf stuff. Charcoal striped suit, solid color (cream) dress shirt, burgundy tie knotted in a standard four-in-hand. Even my standard artsy-fartsy shot:

Tangled Web

The deception is the gold stripe as it shows in the picture. It’s nowhere near that prominent in real life. The pattern on the Robert Talbott Best of Class tie is almost Escher-like. Ya know, speaking of optical illusions and such. The shirt is another TM Lewin.


Forgot the camera at home so ended up taking the picture at home after work. Different camera setup made me look HUGE at the waist. I’m not. Goes well with the really fat bladed J.Z. Richards tie. Shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt. I really like the pattern on the tie but don’t wear it much thanks to the size of the blade.


What’s simpler than a navy sport coat and white shirt? You can select nearly any trousers and tie combination you like. I picked this yellow Brooks Brothers stripe. The pocket square is from Carrot and Gibbs who are more well known for their bow ties than anything else. The edges are yellow, matching the tie, and then blue, to add a little color. The interior of the square is a navy background with red and gold paisleys and flowers. I wore it with the interior showing last Friday with the same sport coat and same Brooks Brothers tie in Red. Must be some sort of uniform for Fridays. Or something.