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Mimic Day 2

Maybe a closer match today, maybe not. At least I managed to get the shirt color right today. The shirt is TM Lewin and the tie isĀ  J.Z. Richards. This particular one has a copyright and a design number printed right on the silk of the tail:

Interesting that a fairly straightforward design would be copyrighted but there ya go.

Colbert Mimic Week

Since I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately and since I really don’t have the desire to figure out my suit and tie combinations, I decided to mimic an entire week of Stephen Colbert’s combos. What the heck – he’s got a bunch of pros putting stuff together for him. I could do a lot worse. Not sure I quite got a match today but it’s in the ball park. The Colbert shot is from last Monday’s show – January 10.

Shirt is TM Lewin and tie is a really fat Jos Bank. I have a pocket square and he doesn’t. He should. Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions…


All of this came about from some comments on the Fangirl Suit Report.

Friday in the Rut

Another Brooks Brothers #1 on a Friday. With the same sportcoat, no less. Basically the same combo as this Friday and this one too. It really has turned into the Friday uniform. The shirt is from TM Lewin.

Purple Button Cover

Another ode to the Fangirl Suit Report. Check out Gratefull’s descriptions and recap of Stephen Colbert’s wardrobe on a weekly basis. Fun stuff!

Today’s tie is a solid purple with a basketweave design from TM Lewin. The shirt is also TM Lewin. I was a little wary of adding a purple pocket square and overdosing the purple so I went with a plain, white instead with a very simple TV (presidential?) fold.


Gingham Dimple

I’m definitely a check fan. I’m not sure if this is really gingham or just a block check. Some day soon I should have my first gingham shirt. The tie is a Tommy Hilfiger which are pretty decent ties for the money. They tie a great knot and are slimmer than most. They must not taper as much towards the contrast tail. The tail on this tie is a navy background with blue pindots. I’d really like to get a tie with that fabric for the blade. The shirt is another TM Lewin. It’s cream in color to match up with the yellow in the tie. The tie would also look great with a blue shirt. I’ll be testing that out soon and probably pair it with a gray suit.

Not Dimpled

Pretty impossible to dimple this necktie. Believe me, I tried. It’s from Alfani and I got it on the cheap. It’s also 100% polyester. Obviously I didn’t read the tag before I purchased it. I still like it because it’s way out of the norm for me. It’s skinny and has horizontal stripes. But it’s fun too. Yeah, that’s right, fun.

The shirt is a Charles Tyrwhitt and the sweater is from Paul Fredrick. The question of the day is pop the mock on the sweater or try and force it to lay down and play dead?

Crooked Stance

Sheesh! Looks like I need something to lean on in this pic. Maybe my drop shoulder has gotten worse. I’m really liking the way the blue window pane of the suit hooks up with a blue shirt. Maybe if I’d quit patting myself on the back the shoulder wouldn’t droop so much. Ah, well…

Speaking of the shirt, it’s another TM Lewin. The necktie is a Brooks Brothers, knotted in a dimpled four-in-hand. Of course. Suit is a Jos Bank number.