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Basic Business

Navy suit, blue shirt, some shade of red for the tie. Right? Right. The white pocket square takes it up a notch or three and is definitely a business rarity. Too bad because it’s such an easy thing to do and adds so much more.

Shirt is another TM Lewin Windsor slim fit. Another replacement for a worn out blue, regular fit. Tie is also TM Lewin and the pin dots are baby blue to match the shirt.

Non Presidential

Not much in the way of comment today. It would seem everyone else has the day off. Even if they didn’t I would still be the only one sportin’ a gold, dimpled Brooks Brothers tie knotted in a four-in-hand. The French blue shirt is a TM Lewin Prince of Wales model. Happy Monday!

Finally a Gingham

It’s supposed to get up to near 70 here on the Front Range of Colorado. I’ve been wanting to try a Gingham for quite a while. I waited for nearly two months for this Hawes and Curtis number to arrive. I like it. A lot. Given the time it took to get here, I’ll probably never order from them again. I’ll see what the durability of the shirts is before passing final judgment. This particular shirt is a St. James slim fit. I do like the fit as well. The tie is a Michael Kors that I picked up at Macy’s for $10. Pretty darn good buy. The pocket square is a Carrot and Gibbs that is by far my most versatile square.

Shades of Gray

I usually switch between a blue tie and a gray tie with this shirt. Not sure I like the shade of this particular TM Lewin tie. I like my tie to be at least as dark as my suit. Usually. There are some lighter gray stripes in the suit so I’ve convinced myself this tie is OK. You can see the shirt with the blue tie in an older post. The suit in that combination is a lighter gray. Maybe I ought to pair this tie with that suit. I also have a similar shirt in blue and green that is actually much easier to put together with a suit and tie. Today’s shirt is a Duke of York collar from TM Lewin. It’s more of a straight collar than the Windsor spread of the blue and green shirt. Both are slim fit and French cuff.

Funny what a day off will do. All that extra time and I failed to figure out a shirt and tie combination to illustrate another tie knot. So today’s Turnbull and Asser is knotted in a dimpled four-in-hand. The tie is really burgundy with a navy lattice design. The burgundy does tend to shade shift depending upon the light and viewing angle. The shirt is a TM Lewin Windsor slim fit. Probably my most versatile shirt. Duh, right? It’s white.

All Tied Up In A Bow

Kind of goes against the grain of the blog’s namesake. There are dimples and it did feel like I needed four hands to tie it. I am embarking on something new for the next week or so. I am going to test drive about 8 – 10 different tie knots. I figured I’d kick it off with the bow tie and work down from there. It’s going to take a little planning for some of the knots. Matching up a non bulky tie with an involved knot (Windsor, etc.) and shirt collar to accommodate it. We’ll see how it goes.

The bow tie is a Robert Talbott, Best of Class. The shirt is TM Lewin. Of course.

Vitriolic Rhetoric

I like this tie. I like it a lot. But it just did not want to play well to get its picture taken this morning. I finally gave up and what you see above is the best of almost 20 pictures. As I was beginning another round of picture taking there was a fair bit of vitriol spilling out under my breath. As I was meandering about the net, getting ready to write up today’s combination, I wandered over to my buddy Brooke’s blog, 100 Days, 100 Ties. I read this post and it changed my outlook on the day.

Here’s the thing. I honestly believe that most of us want what’s best for everyone. Where we disagree is the method to accomplish that. I honestly believe that if we assumed the good in each other we could all move forward in a respectful debate. Brooke took that leap of faith and assumed the other person would do the right thing. Just my two pennies.

The tie is a Tommy Hilfiger and the shirt is another TM Lewin.