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Blue Monday

I had a pink Monday back in the beginning of December and mentioned that I was glad it wasn’t a Blue Monday. Boy was I ever glad, hindsight 20/20 and all. Road rage on the drive in, yelled at twice at church last night, so on, so forth. Sure would be nice to do something wrong before I’m the object of so much angst.

Bright and cheery Charles Tyrwhitt striped tie over a TM Lewin navy and blue, checked, spread collar shirt under a pinstriped, gray suit. The tie claims to be a seven fold but it’s really only got six folds.

Maybe instead of Fats Domino’s Blue Monday, John Lennon’s Nobody Told Me. Or Maybe some version of Mama Said. Or maybe the Mighty Zep’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine.

Last Mimic Day

Ok, so today’s mimic is a stretch. I do have a blue, french cuffed shirt and very similar cuff links. The tie is similar in pattern but the color is far from grape. And I don’t think my suit is a gray, Keyser Söze. There’s no way I could come close to playing a villain as well as Kevin Spacey. The banana doesn’t come out of the lunch box until about 10:30 Mountain Time.  But I do have one killer pocket square.

The shirt is from Charles Tyrwhitt and the tie is a Ferrell Reed City of London. I’m not a huge fan of Ferrell Reed ties but their now vintage City of London line was quite good back in the day. I have several and like each one immensely. They are a little on the wide side, however, so they don’t get much wear anymore.

A couple of bonus shots from on my way to work at the crack of dawn this morning:

Mimic Day 2

Maybe a closer match today, maybe not. At least I managed to get the shirt color right today. The shirt is TM Lewin and the tie is  J.Z. Richards. This particular one has a copyright and a design number printed right on the silk of the tail:

Interesting that a fairly straightforward design would be copyrighted but there ya go.

Friday in the Rut

Another Brooks Brothers #1 on a Friday. With the same sportcoat, no less. Basically the same combo as this Friday and this one too. It really has turned into the Friday uniform. The shirt is from TM Lewin.

Purple Button Cover

Another ode to the Fangirl Suit Report. Check out Gratefull’s descriptions and recap of Stephen Colbert’s wardrobe on a weekly basis. Fun stuff!

Today’s tie is a solid purple with a basketweave design from TM Lewin. The shirt is also TM Lewin. I was a little wary of adding a purple pocket square and overdosing the purple so I went with a plain, white instead with a very simple TV (presidential?) fold.


Rough in the Diamonds

The shirt is a Charles Tyrwhitt with contrast collar and cuffs. It’s the only one I own and rarely gets worn. I thought it would be pretty spiffy when I first got it but now, not as much. It does absolutely kill with this Jos Bank multi-colored and textured diamonds tie. To add to the kill factor of the ensemble is the gray and blue paisley pocket square. I thought there was enough killing going on at this point that I polished it all off with a plain, gray suit.

The tie itself doesn’t get worn much either because it ties a pretty terrible knot, in my opinion. Meh, whatchagonnado?

Belgian Waffle Humping

Belgian waffle-humping? Yup. My shout out to the Fangirl Suit Report. Rather than some reference to American Pie, it refers to a Stephen Colbert segment about Budweiser getting purchased by a Belgian company. Colbert is certainly a sharp dresser but he could step it up a notch or three by adding a pocket square. Just sayin’.

My Belgium Waffle-humping, blue necktie is made by Burma Bibas, as in I wear my bib as a necktie. Yeah, prolly not how one would pronounce, “Bibas”.