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I’ve read here and there that black and blue combinations are verboten. The the necktie said I could do it so I did. This is another older, fat tie from Jos Bank and has a nifty swirly, flowery vine subtly woven into the design.

I know I’ve mentioned the taper in the blade of ties before. I decided to do a little comparison today. Hence this picture:

Hopefully with that picture, it’s clear what I mean by taper. The bottom tie is about 3/8″ wider than the one on top yet in the area where the each would be knotted, they are approximately the same width. The end result is that each knots very similarly but the top tie is a much more stylish, skinny. Or something.

Rough in the Diamonds

The shirt is a Charles Tyrwhitt with contrast collar and cuffs. It’s the only one I own and rarely gets worn. I thought it would be pretty spiffy when I first got it but now, not as much. It does absolutely kill with this Jos Bank multi-colored and textured diamonds tie. To add to the kill factor of the ensemble is the gray and blue paisley pocket square. I thought there was enough killing going on at this point that I polished it all off with a plain, gray suit.

The tie itself doesn’t get worn much either because it ties a pretty terrible knot, in my opinion. Meh, whatchagonnado?