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I’ve read here and there that black and blue combinations are verboten. The the necktie said I could do it so I did. This is another older, fat tie from Jos Bank and has a nifty swirly, flowery vine subtly woven into the design.

I know I’ve mentioned the taper in the blade of ties before. I decided to do a little comparison today. Hence this picture:

Hopefully with that picture, it’s clear what I mean by taper. The bottom tie is about 3/8″ wider than the one on top yet in the area where the each would be knotted, they are approximately the same width. The end result is that each knots very similarly but the top tie is a much more stylish, skinny. Or something.

Spring In The Air

Seriously. It’s supposed to be a full 20 degrees warmer than the normal 40 something highs for this time of year. I feel a little guilty about it after reading about other parts of the country being an ice box. Whatchagonnado? Well, I broke out a shirt that I normally reserve for Spring and early Summer. The bright, turquoise green isn’t exactly a Winter color. Usually. And, usually, I team it with a turquoise green tie. At least I toned it down a bit with the navy tie.

The shirt and tie are both from TM Lewin.

Stripey Stripes

I’ve noticed quite a few NFL commentators that think it’s pretty cool to combine a striped suit, shirt, and tie. It’s not. It looks terrible, no matter the size and scale of the stripes on each. I almost changed my suit this morning thinking that two items with stripes was a little overboard. I’m good with a striped tie on a striped shirt or a striped tie under a striped suit. Anyways… Yeah, I know NFL commentators do have some of the more “original” style on TV. Some of those monstrous tie knots are just, well, monstrous. In more ways than one.

The striped shirt is another TM Lewin and the tie is another Turnbull and Asser. I usually pair up the shirt with a much simpler burgundy dot tie like I did last month.

Basic Basics

How much more basic does it get than a navy suit, white shirt, and navy/white striped necktie? What the camera doesn’t show is the herringbone weave of the shirt. It doesn’t quite capture the windowpane pattern woven into the suit. It does show, however, the rep stripe in the weave of the tie going the opposite direction of the white stripe. It’s not as basic as it seems on the surface but it didn’t take any thought either.

The shirt is TM Lewin and the tie is another Turnbull and Asser that I thrifted quite some time ago. It seems to be fairly old yet still knots majestically. This model’s label reads “The ‘Turnbull’ Tie but lacks the reference to being the Prince of Wales’ shirt maker. Maybe a clue to its age?

And a semi-artsy photo:

Tie Crossed and Dotted

Crossed with a tie clip, that is. Shirt and tie are TM Lewin. I checked the weather for today and decided that my shirt ought to reflect the unseasonably warm, Spring-like day.

Pink Monday

A little intraweb problem kept me from posting yesterday. I’d rather have a pink Monday than Fats Domino’s blue Monday. Or something.

Shirt and tie are TM Lewin. The coat is a thrifted, black camelhair. It was quite warm for a less than warm day. Not exactly sure about shades of gray and a lighter tie background than the coat but it was thrown together early on a Monday morning.