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Standards II

Pretty typical combination – blue oxford dress shirt, tan trousers, navy sport coat (or blazer), and navy/gold striped necktie. The atypical portion of the ensemble would be the French cuffs on the dress shirt. I casualed it down a bit by using silk knots instead of links. The spread collar would probably be atypical as well but I like it.

Shirt is TM Lewin Windsor slim fit, tie is Tommy Hilfiger, and sport coat is Chaps.



Checks Mix With a Side of Stripes

Mmmmm, Chex Mix. I like the home made version better than the pre-bagged off-the-shelf variety. The mix of checks here is the window pane in the suit and the Gingham check of the shirt. And speaking of variety, I added a striped tie and paisley pocket square to up the pattern ante.

Shirt is Hawes and Curtis and tie is Jos Banks.

Casual Monday

Two Mondays in a row with the same sport coat. Some would have issue with the formality of a cutaway collar combined with a sport coat. Further, French cuffs with a sport coat. Evidently I don’t pay attention to such “rules”. Not only is there all of that but I also decided to try a four-in-hand knot with the cutaway collar. No, Judas Priest’s “Breakin’ the Law” was not going through my head as the hands connected to my French cuffed wrists snugged the four-in-hand knot up to the cutaway collar. Maybe it should have been.

The shirt is a TM Lewin St. James slim fit and the necktie is a Paul Fredrick. The shirt can be seen with a more appropriate Nicky knot here and here.

Dog Day Blue Monday

The sport coat is a navy and blue dogtooth. Some people call it a puppy tooth because the pattern is small. The TM Lewin necktie is dimpled into a four-in-hand knot, of course. The shirt is a white Hawes and Curtis St. James slim fit. I’m beginning to really like the H & C shirts that I own. The spread is a little less than the TM Lewin Windsor slim fits.

I messed around with the “fold” on the pocket square this morning. I got up before my alarm so I had a little extra time to try something other than a puff and stuff. Silk pocket squares don’t really fold. I just kind of mash them into some form or other.

Striped Shirt and Tie

Monday was striped suit and tie day with a checked shirt. Tuesday was striped shirt and tie day with a checked (windowpane) sport coat. This Brooks Brothers necktie is the same as Monday’s but in different colors and tied in a Nicky knot because the TM Lewin St James cutaway collar needs more tie knot.

Blue Minimalist

Originally started the minimalist thing with a gray version. I liked it well enough that I started searching for a blue tie to try a blue version with a navy suit. It’s surprising how difficult it can be to find a solid blue tie. This particular one is from Tommy Hilfiger that I picked up at the local factory outlet for a good price.


New Office, Crappy Picture

Started moving my office on Friday and concluded it yesterday. Hence the brief hiatus. It’s probably going to take a few days to figure out how to take a decent picture again.

Today’s combination was an attempt at a blue version of my minimalist look. I like it but I really do think the tie needs to be a solid and the shirt, white. I went with off-white for the shirt to pick up the yellow in the middle of the squares on the tie. The pocket square is my favorite Carrot and Gibbs. Shirt is TM Lewin Prince of Wales and the tie is another Ferrell Reed City of London.