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Blue and Yellow

I’ve been doing a lot of blue and yellow lately. No, I’m not really a Nuggets fan. I’m definitely not a Chargers fan.

The shirt is another TM Lewin Windsor slim fit. It’s a replacement that I just acquired. Since it’s new the collar is way too big. It’s a half size larger than the one it’s replacing because that one shrunk to the point where it’s difficult to wear with a tie. And I don’t have it in me to wear a dress shirt without a tie.

Speaking of neckwear, the tie is also a TM Lewin. I was hoping the blue would pull the blue stripe of the windowpane in the suit. I think it does it quite well. The gold stripe of the windowpane is more subdued and one of the reasons I went with a  gold pocket square. The other reason is to pick up the gold in the necktie.


Fat Tie Week

So let it be written. So let it be done. Fourth day in a row with a fat tie so why not just plan on a fifth day of fat tie-ed-ness. Today’s tie is a Ferrell Reed, City of London. Regular Ferrell Reed ties were ok but the City of London models were a notch or three above. Good quality all the way around. To counter yesterday’s minimalist approach I ended up with multiple patterns and textures. Maybe too many. The shirt is a TM Lewin Prince of Wales. Yeah, lots of English references to round things out.

Simplicity at its Simplest

Navy windowpane suit, cream TM Lewin Prince of Wales shirt, navy, silver, yellow Turnbull and Asser necktie knotted in a four-in hand, plain, white cotton pocket square in a TV Fold. I guess there could be simpler but not by much.


I started out with the red Robert Talbott Studio necktie in the first picture. I wanted to keep from repeating a tie selection. It just didn’t quite work the way I wanted so I switched to the Tommy Hilfiger in the second picture. The blue shirt was an easy choice given the blue stripe in the suit. There’s also a gold stripe, hence a tie with gold in it as well. Maybe I’m over thinking it. Of course I had to change pocket squares when I changed ties. What say you?

Which Tie?

The shirt is another Hawes and Curtis. The thing I’ve discovered that I like about these shirts is that the collar bones are a little shorter than on other shirts I own. It allows the tie a little space to fit under the collar and the collar to roll over the tie a little more properly.

V Day!

Shades of red instead of gray. That’s about all I have to say. Happy Valentines Day!

For those keeping tabs – the shirt is a Hawes and Curtis St. James slim fit. The tie and pocket square are from Belisi. I would never order from either ever again. Both orders took many, many weeks to arrive. Far too many in this day and age.

Bean Tie

All I know is that’s what the description read. I didn’t really care at the time. I just thought it would look really freakin’ cool on a blue shirt. I think I was right. And that’s one serious dimple.

Pocket Square is a Robert Talbott. Shirt and tie are both TM Lewin. I really do hope to have some different shirts soon. I ordered some from Hawes and Curtis at the end of December. Their customer service says they’re probably hung up in customs thanks in no small part to the package bomb scare around Christmas.

Free Friday

No Colbert to mimic since he takes Fridays off. What a slacker. 🙂 Robert Talbot shirt and TM Lewin necktie.