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Adding to the Mix

I started out with strictly yellow flavored neckwear paired with blue gingham shirts. It wasn’t long before I tried a gray and blue stripe, a red, patterned tie and finally a red, striped tie. From my beginning with gingham shirts I have liked them paired with a large paisley necktie. Today I finally paired one with a red, paisley one. The pocket square is also a red paisley but solid colored with the pattern woven into it. Makes me wonder how a similarly fashioned tie would work with this shirt.


From the moment of my birth
To the instant of my death,
There are Patterns I must follow
Just as I must breathe each breath

Paul Simon originally did “Patterns”. At least I think he did.  I prefer Warrel Dane’s version.

Patterns for me today are a couple of stripes (suit & tie), a check(shirt), and a paisley(pocket square). This particular TM Lewin shirt has never graced the pages of this blog. Neither has the tie but that’s kind of the point in the blog. Unfortunately the flash removed the detail of the blue and gray check of the shirt and the blue stripe between the orange stripes on the Brooks Brothers necktie. The tie is knotted in a dimpled Prince Albert.


Checks Mix With a Side of Stripes

Mmmmm, Chex Mix. I like the home made version better than the pre-bagged off-the-shelf variety. The mix of checks here is the window pane in the suit and the Gingham check of the shirt. And speaking of variety, I added a striped tie and paisley pocket square to up the pattern ante.

Shirt is Hawes and Curtis and tie is Jos Banks.

Gray Pinstripe Suit, Gray Striped Tie

I wish the flash hadn’t overpowered the blue gingham TM Lewin shirt but oh well. I’m really liking the way the blue stripe on the Brooks Brothers tie gets picked up by  the check in the shirt. The not-matching-blue in the paisley pocket square suits me as well. So to speak.

One of the reasons for blogging about my suit, shirt, and necktie combinations is to try and keep from getting in a rut. If I had not thought much about the combinations I probably would have paired this shirt and suit with a yellow tie like I did here, here, and here. The suits and shirts aren’t exactly the same but close enough.

Finally a Gingham

It’s supposed to get up to near 70 here on the Front Range of Colorado. I’ve been wanting to try a Gingham for quite a while. I waited for nearly two months for this Hawes and Curtis number to arrive. I like it. A lot. Given the time it took to get here, I’ll probably never order from them again. I’ll see what the durability of the shirts is before passing final judgment. This particular shirt is a St. James slim fit. I do like the fit as well. The tie is a Michael Kors that I picked up at Macy’s for $10. Pretty darn good buy. The pocket square is a Carrot and Gibbs that is by far my most versatile square.

Shades of Gray

I usually switch between a blue tie and a gray tie with this shirt. Not sure I like the shade of this particular TM Lewin tie. I like my tie to be at least as dark as my suit. Usually. There are some lighter gray stripes in the suit so I’ve convinced myself this tie is OK. You can see the shirt with the blue tie in an older post. The suit in that combination is a lighter gray. Maybe I ought to pair this tie with that suit. I also have a similar shirt in blue and green that is actually much easier to put together with a suit and tie. Today’s shirt is a Duke of York collar from TM Lewin. It’s more of a straight collar than the Windsor spread of the blue and green shirt. Both are slim fit and French cuff.

Another four-in-hand knot today. I just can’t keep up with the added planning of figuring out a tie that will work with a specific knot. Although today’s Paul Fredrick tie probably could have been coaxed into something out of the ordinary. The shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt. I’m really liking the way the blue window pane in the suit picks up the shirt color and the gold window pane the tie. Not really sure about my pocket square selection. Such is life.