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Rough in the Diamonds

The shirt is a Charles Tyrwhitt with contrast collar and cuffs. It’s the only one I own and rarely gets worn. I thought it would be pretty spiffy when I first got it but now, not as much. It does absolutely kill with this Jos Bank multi-colored and textured diamonds tie. To add to the kill factor of the ensemble is the gray and blue paisley pocket square. I thought there was enough killing going on at this point that I polished it all off with a plain, gray suit.

The tie itself doesn’t get worn much either because it ties a pretty terrible knot, in my opinion. Meh, whatchagonnado?

A Week of Nots

Back at it after the holiday. I thought I’d be moving to a new office this week but it’s not ready yet. It’s a bit of a disappointment but, on the other hand, I get to dress like I’m not moving office furniture yet. Life’s all about the trade offs and being happy with what ya got.

Shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt, tie is Jos A Bank, and pocket square is a Christmas gift. I like the pocket square so much that it’s going to be difficult to not wear it every day this week.

And the artsy-fartsy shot:

Stripey Stripes

I’ve noticed quite a few NFL commentators that think it’s pretty cool to combine a striped suit, shirt, and tie. It’s not. It looks terrible, no matter the size and scale of the stripes on each. I almost changed my suit this morning thinking that two items with stripes was a little overboard. I’m good with a striped tie on a striped shirt or a striped tie under a striped suit. Anyways… Yeah, I know NFL commentators do have some of the more “original” style on TV. Some of those monstrous tie knots are just, well, monstrous. In more ways than one.

The striped shirt is another TM Lewin and the tie is another Turnbull and Asser. I usually pair up the shirt with a much simpler burgundy dot tie like I did last month.