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Red Stripes I

This is Monday’s getup. It’s been a busy few days so my time budget had to be adjusted. And the fun stuff is what gets the axe first.

The necktie is a fairly old Robert Talbott Estate model. The Estate line of stuff is generally Talbott’s top of the line. As far as ties go, the Estate resides just below the seven folds. I’ve sported a few seven fold pieces over the course of the blog so far. One Talbott, one Paul Fredrick, and one Charles Tyrwhitt. There’s some lengthy discussions out on the net regarding seven folds and whether or not there really are seven folds and counting folds, etc. If you follow the link to the Tyrwhitt version, you will see that I counted six on that one. It’s not a huge concern to me but I did find several of the discussions interesting at the time I read them many years ago.


I’ll be the first to admit that this ensemble is pretty uncreative and basic. An off white dress shirt probably would have added a fair bit of interest, given the gold coloring in the necktie. I didn’t have one ironed and, as today is trash day in the neighborhood, no extra time to iron one this morning.

The shirt is a TM Lewin Windsor slim fit and the necktie a Robert Talbott Seven Fold. I have not counted the folds to see if there really are seven. If you don’t know what a seven fold tie is then I suggest taking a quick look here. Since they are constructed entirely of silk with no lining, they tend to be expensive. I got this one off eBay several years ago.

Twofer Thursday

Definitely not as catchy as Twofer Tuesday. Maybe the solid shirt and tie on Monday kicked me into a stripe rut or something. Shirt is TM Lewin Windsor slim fit and tie is Robert Talbott Best of Class. The tie is fairly old and shows it in the width of the apron. So be it. I still like the tie. The pocket square is also a Talbott.

Nicky Knot

Next up in the parade of tie knots, the Nicky. The Nicky is one of several knots that start with the tie’s back facing outward. What makes the Nicky different from the Pratt (or Shelby) is that when going back across the front for the last time, the blade (wide end) comes from the opposite side from where the blade went through the loop around your neck. Make sense? No? That’s why pictures make things so much easier – 1000 words ad all that. Check out the pictures for the Pratt and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

The tie is a Robert Talbott Studio model and the shirt is from Charles Tyrwhitt.

All Tied Up In A Bow

Kind of goes against the grain of the blog’s namesake. There are dimples and it did feel like I needed four hands to tie it. I am embarking on something new for the next week or so. I am going to test drive about 8 – 10 different tie knots. I figured I’d kick it off with the bow tie and work down from there. It’s going to take a little planning for some of the knots. Matching up a non bulky tie with an involved knot (Windsor, etc.) and shirt collar to accommodate it. We’ll see how it goes.

The bow tie is a Robert Talbott, Best of Class. The shirt is TM Lewin. Of course.

Bean Tie

All I know is that’s what the description read. I didn’t really care at the time. I just thought it would look really freakin’ cool on a blue shirt. I think I was right. And that’s one serious dimple.

Pocket Square is a Robert Talbott. Shirt and tie are both TM Lewin. I really do hope to have some different shirts soon. I ordered some from Hawes and Curtis at the end of December. Their customer service says they’re probably hung up in customs thanks in no small part to the package bomb scare around Christmas.