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Colbert Mimic Week

Since I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately and since I really don’t have the desire to figure out my suit and tie combinations, I decided to mimic an entire week of Stephen Colbert’s combos. What the heck – he’s got a bunch of pros putting stuff together for him. I could do a lot worse. Not sure I quite got a match today but it’s in the ball park. The Colbert shot is from last Monday’s show – January 10.

Shirt is TM Lewin and tie is a really fat Jos Bank. I have a pocket square and he doesn’t. He should. Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions…


All of this came about from some comments on the Fangirl Suit Report.

Purple Button Cover

Another ode to the Fangirl Suit Report. Check out Gratefull’s descriptions and recap of Stephen Colbert’s wardrobe on a weekly basis. Fun stuff!

Today’s tie is a solid purple with a basketweave design from TM Lewin. The shirt is also TM Lewin. I was a little wary of adding a purple pocket square and overdosing the purple so I went with a plain, white instead with a very simple TV (presidential?) fold.


Belgian Waffle Humping

Belgian waffle-humping? Yup. My shout out to the Fangirl Suit Report. Rather than some reference to American Pie, it refers to a Stephen Colbert segment about Budweiser getting purchased by a Belgian company. Colbert is certainly a sharp dresser but he could step it up a notch or three by adding a pocket square. Just sayin’.

My Belgium Waffle-humping, blue necktie is made by Burma Bibas, as in I wear my bib as a necktie. Yeah, prolly not how one would pronounce, “Bibas”.