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Navy Purple Rut

Or maybe I’m in a purple navy rut. Some country should have a purple navy and sail it around the world like Teddy Roosevelt did with the Great White Fleet.

Today’s tie is a very old and fat Ferrell Reed City of London. Speaking of fat ties, I wore one of the same make and model and similar pattern during my Fat Tie Week.

The shirt is a TM Lewin Buckingham collar. This particular model is a slim fit with button cuffs instead of “double cuffs”. Double cuffs are the same thing as French cuffs. I went with button cuffs to better match the level of formality with the sport coat.

Navy Suit, Purple Tie

Instead of a purple suit with a navy tie. I am a bit of a dinosaur but I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for that purple dinosaur. That said, I’m a big fan of purple/navy combinations.

Shirt is TM Lewin Windsor slim fit and tie is Paul Fredrick. I was hoping the gold in the tie would grab the gold pinstripe in the suit. It does to some extent.

Standard = Boring?

Sure it’s basic at the surface – navy suit, blue shirt, red tie. Not that it’s terribly complex, but the patterns add some interest. The windowpane on the suit, the fine, almost imperceptible stripe on the shirt, and the tiny white and blue diamonds on the tie. Yeah, it ain’t trailblazing haute couture, but it is fun for me.

Shirt is TM Lewin, Windsor, slim fit and necktie is another Turnbull and Asser.


From the moment of my birth
To the instant of my death,
There are Patterns I must follow
Just as I must breathe each breath

Paul Simon originally did “Patterns”. At least I think he did.  I prefer Warrel Dane’s version.

Patterns for me today are a couple of stripes (suit & tie), a check(shirt), and a paisley(pocket square). This particular TM Lewin shirt has never graced the pages of this blog. Neither has the tie but that’s kind of the point in the blog. Unfortunately the flash removed the detail of the blue and gray check of the shirt and the blue stripe between the orange stripes on the Brooks Brothers necktie. The tie is knotted in a dimpled Prince Albert.


Standards II

Pretty typical combination – blue oxford dress shirt, tan trousers, navy sport coat (or blazer), and navy/gold striped necktie. The atypical portion of the ensemble would be the French cuffs on the dress shirt. I casualed it down a bit by using silk knots instead of links. The spread collar would probably be atypical as well but I like it.

Shirt is TM Lewin Windsor slim fit, tie is Tommy Hilfiger, and sport coat is Chaps.


No Imagination Required

Straight up navy suit (albeit windowpaned), straight up white dress shirt (albeit French cuff), and diagonally down necktie. It’s all about business today and that’s all I got to say about that.

Tommy Hilfiger navy/gold/white stripe tie and TM Lewin Windsor slim fit shirt.

Casual Monday

Two Mondays in a row with the same sport coat. Some would have issue with the formality of a cutaway collar combined with a sport coat. Further, French cuffs with a sport coat. Evidently I don’t pay attention to such “rules”. Not only is there all of that but I also decided to try a four-in-hand knot with the cutaway collar. No, Judas Priest’s “Breakin’ the Law” was not going through my head as the hands connected to my French cuffed wrists snugged the four-in-hand knot up to the cutaway collar. Maybe it should have been.

The shirt is a TM Lewin St. James slim fit and the necktie is a Paul Fredrick. The shirt can be seen with a more appropriate Nicky knot here and here.