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New Office, Crappy Picture

Started moving my office on Friday and concluded it yesterday. Hence the brief hiatus. It’s probably going to take a few days to figure out how to take a decent picture again.

Today’s combination was an attempt at a blue version of my minimalist look. I like it but I really do think the tie needs to be a solid and the shirt, white. I went with off-white for the shirt to pick up the yellow in the middle of the squares on the tie. The pocket square is my favorite Carrot and Gibbs. Shirt is TM Lewin Prince of Wales and the tie is another Ferrell Reed City of London.

Another Nicky Knot

Today’s shirt is a TM Lewin St. James slim fit. The collar is a full cutaway, creating a lot of tie space. I really did try a four-in-hand knot first but it just didn’t fill the tie space to suit me.  This TM Lewin tie actually has a pretty thick lining. One of the reasons I selected it. After a couple of iterations of a four-in-hand, I decided to try the Nicky instead and it worked to satisfaction.

Yes, I did think about a Half Windsor and that is what I would have tried next. There’s no way I would have gone Full Windsor, given the thickness of the tie.

Plain, white pocket square, given all the other things going on with the window pane coat and stripes on the shirt and tie.

Basic Business

Navy suit, blue shirt, some shade of red for the tie. Right? Right. The white pocket square takes it up a notch or three and is definitely a business rarity. Too bad because it’s such an easy thing to do and adds so much more.

Shirt is another TM Lewin Windsor slim fit. Another replacement for a worn out blue, regular fit. Tie is also TM Lewin and the pin dots are baby blue to match the shirt.

Blue and Yellow

I’ve been doing a lot of blue and yellow lately. No, I’m not really a Nuggets fan. I’m definitely not a Chargers fan.

The shirt is another TM Lewin Windsor slim fit. It’s a replacement that I just acquired. Since it’s new the collar is way too big. It’s a half size larger than the one it’s replacing because that one shrunk to the point where it’s difficult to wear with a tie. And I don’t have it in me to wear a dress shirt without a tie.

Speaking of neckwear, the tie is also a TM Lewin. I was hoping the blue would pull the blue stripe of the windowpane in the suit. I think it does it quite well. The gold stripe of the windowpane is more subdued and one of the reasons I went with a  gold pocket square. The other reason is to pick up the gold in the necktie.

Fat Tie On A Diet

Fat tie week ran out of bon-bons. Or something. TM Lewin Windsor slim fit gingham and TM Lewin tie. This gingham is slightly different than the Hawes and Curtis I test drove last week. TGIF everyone!

Fat Tie Week

So let it be written. So let it be done. Fourth day in a row with a fat tie so why not just plan on a fifth day of fat tie-ed-ness. Today’s tie is a Ferrell Reed, City of London. Regular Ferrell Reed ties were ok but the City of London models were a notch or three above. Good quality all the way around. To counter yesterday’s minimalist approach I ended up with multiple patterns and textures. Maybe too many. The shirt is a TM Lewin Prince of Wales. Yeah, lots of English references to round things out.


Very minimal and I like it. Shirt is a TM Lewin Windsor slim fit. Tie is an old Robert Talbott Studio. It does have some texture to it that is allowed to shine through a little more thanks to the other piece parts being more basic. Even the pocket square is pretty minimal.