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Tangled Web

The deception is the gold stripe as it shows in the picture. It’s nowhere near that prominent in real life. The pattern on the Robert Talbott Best of Class tie is almost Escher-like. Ya know, speaking of optical illusions and such. The shirt is another TM Lewin.


What’s simpler than a navy sport coat and white shirt? You can select nearly any trousers and tie combination you like. I picked this yellow Brooks Brothers stripe. The pocket square is from Carrot and Gibbs who are more well known for their bow ties than anything else. The edges are yellow, matching the tie, and then blue, to add a little color. The interior of the square is a navy background with red and gold paisleys and flowers. I wore it with the interior showing last Friday with the same sport coat and same Brooks Brothers tie in Red. Must be some sort of uniform for Fridays. Or something.


The signature shirt and tie, evidently, since this is the same combo as in my Gravatar. Sans suit coat. Mixing patterns a bit can be a bit of a challenge but the stripes on the tie are fat and the stripes on the suit are thin. The checked shirt elevates the interest a bit more than a plain white or blue shirt. I will admit, though, that I didn’t have enough “interest” to go with anything more than a white pocket square and TV fold.

Shirt and tie are again TM Lewin.

And what may become my signature “pose”:


Blogger’s block, I guess. Maybe it has something to do with the blocky pattern on the tie, which is, by the way, a Turnbull and Asser. This particular one has a wider blade than most of the others. It still makes a good sized knot. The shirt is a TM Lewin Buckingham slim fit. It is really the only slim fit, button cuff, formal shirt they offer. I do not really care for it. The collar is absolutely huge compared to their other models and the fit really isn’t all that slim.

Spring In The Air

Seriously. It’s supposed to be a full 20 degrees warmer than the normal 40 something highs for this time of year. I feel a little guilty about it after reading about other parts of the country being an ice box. Whatchagonnado? Well, I broke out a shirt that I normally reserve for Spring and early Summer. The bright, turquoise green isn’t exactly a Winter color. Usually. And, usually, I team it with a turquoise green tie. At least I toned it down a bit with the navy tie.

The shirt and tie are both from TM Lewin.

Basic Basics

How much more basic does it get than a navy suit, white shirt, and navy/white striped necktie? What the camera doesn’t show is the herringbone weave of the shirt. It doesn’t quite capture the windowpane pattern woven into the suit. It does show, however, the rep stripe in the weave of the tie going the opposite direction of the white stripe. It’s not as basic as it seems on the surface but it didn’t take any thought either.

The shirt is TM Lewin and the tie is another Turnbull and Asser that I thrifted quite some time ago. It seems to be fairly old yet still knots majestically. This model’s label reads “The ‘Turnbull’ Tie but lacks the reference to being the Prince of Wales’ shirt maker. Maybe a clue to its age?

And a semi-artsy photo: