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Last Mimic Day

Ok, so today’s mimic is a stretch. I do have a blue, french cuffed shirt and very similar cuff links. The tie is similar in pattern but the color is far from grape. And I don’t think my suit is a gray, Keyser Söze. There’s no way I could come close to playing a villain as well as Kevin Spacey. The banana doesn’t come out of the lunch box until about 10:30 Mountain Time.  But I do have one killer pocket square.

The shirt is from Charles Tyrwhitt and the tie is a Ferrell Reed City of London. I’m not a huge fan of Ferrell Reed ties but their now vintage City of London line was quite good back in the day. I have several and like each one immensely. They are a little on the wide side, however, so they don’t get much wear anymore.

A couple of bonus shots from on my way to work at the crack of dawn this morning:

Colbert Mimic Day 3

Hopefully close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, thermonuclear weapons, and basic colors and patterns because that’s all I got – close. As far as accessories go, Stephen needs to test drive a pocket square or three. He’s got me beat on the watch, though. My watch is a cell phone.

Shirt is TM Lewin and Tie is Alfani. One of only two Alfani neckwear pieces I own. The other is also a red and black stripe that I wore last week. Today’s model dimples. And the geek that is me looks at “Alfani” and begins to imagine a story where Alf and Ani Skywalker meet. Yeah, I’m a dork.


Mimic Day 2

Maybe a closer match today, maybe not. At least I managed to get the shirt color right today. The shirt is TM Lewin and the tie is  J.Z. Richards. This particular one has a copyright and a design number printed right on the silk of the tail:

Interesting that a fairly straightforward design would be copyrighted but there ya go.

Colbert Mimic Week

Since I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately and since I really don’t have the desire to figure out my suit and tie combinations, I decided to mimic an entire week of Stephen Colbert’s combos. What the heck – he’s got a bunch of pros putting stuff together for him. I could do a lot worse. Not sure I quite got a match today but it’s in the ball park. The Colbert shot is from last Monday’s show – January 10.

Shirt is TM Lewin and tie is a really fat Jos Bank. I have a pocket square and he doesn’t. He should. Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions…


All of this came about from some comments on the Fangirl Suit Report.