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Another Mimic

Not too bad a copy, if I do say so myself. I saw the Colbert Report on Cinco de Mayo and thought his wardrobe department had put together a pretty snazzy combination. It must have been memorable because I noticed a very similar tie yesterday while I was out goofing around. Rather than delay trying it out I paired it up with a windowpane suit instead of a pinstripe. I wore the pinstripe yesterday. The other differences? I’ve got French cuffs working today and, the most obvious difference is that I finish things off with a pocket square. His wardrobe department is quite good but they do need to step it up just a bit in that regard.

The coolest similarity is that Colbert also uses a dimpled four-in-hand. Hah!


No Imagination Required

Straight up navy suit (albeit windowpaned), straight up white dress shirt (albeit French cuff), and diagonally down necktie. It’s all about business today and that’s all I got to say about that.

Tommy Hilfiger navy/gold/white stripe tie and TM Lewin Windsor slim fit shirt.


I started out with the red Robert Talbott Studio necktie in the first picture. I wanted to keep from repeating a tie selection. It just didn’t quite work the way I wanted so I switched to the Tommy Hilfiger in the second picture. The blue shirt was an easy choice given the blue stripe in the suit. There’s also a gold stripe, hence a tie with gold in it as well. Maybe I’m over thinking it. Of course I had to change pocket squares when I changed ties. What say you?

Which Tie?

The shirt is another Hawes and Curtis. The thing I’ve discovered that I like about these shirts is that the collar bones are a little shorter than on other shirts I own. It allows the tie a little space to fit under the collar and the collar to roll over the tie a little more properly.

Dimpled Oriental

Or Kent, or Simple, or Small Knot. For being such a simple knot, it sure does have a lot of names. It is another knot that begins with the back side of the tie facing outwards. It does form a fairly symmetrical knot but even this early in the day I have found it difficult to keep it in place. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll be switching it over to a four-in-hand before long.

The tie is a Tommy Hilfiger. If you look at the right side where the knot should be going under the collar, you can see the tell tale contrast tail of the tie. One of the cool things about Hilfiger ties. The shirt is a Charles Tyrwhitt and the sweater is Lands End.

Gingham Dimple

I’m definitely a check fan. I’m not sure if this is really gingham or just a block check. Some day soon I should have my first gingham shirt. The tie is a Tommy Hilfiger which are pretty decent ties for the money. They tie a great knot and are slimmer than most. They must not taper as much towards the contrast tail. The tail on this tie is a navy background with blue pindots. I’d really like to get a tie with that fabric for the blade. The shirt is another TM Lewin. It’s cream in color to match up with the yellow in the tie. The tie would also look great with a blue shirt. I’ll be testing that out soon and probably pair it with a gray suit.