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The Spread

I watched the first round of the NFL draft last night. I was amazed at the number of linemen that were selected. I’m old school and still believe the game is won or lost in the trenches. What does that have to do with coat and tie? Not much other than the stage is a bit of a fashion show at times. What does that have to do with the title of the blog? Not much unless you gamble on NFL games and pay attention to the point spreads. The spread of a dress shirt collar generally refers to the distance between the collar points, hence point spread. Yeah, it’s a bit weak, but this is my 90th post so I’m getting a little pressed for material.

Speaking of pressing, I ironed, or pressed, this 100% cotton TM Lewin St. James shirt.

And I’m blogging on Wordpress.

The Turnbull and Asser necktie has never been pressed. And that’s a good thing. Pressing a tie ruins it. Trust me on this rather than trying to do so at home.

Judging by the picture, the pocket square should have been pressed into my sportcoat pocket a little more. It’s just slightly out of control.

Standard = Boring?

Sure it’s basic at the surface – navy suit, blue shirt, red tie. Not that it’s terribly complex, but the patterns add some interest. The windowpane on the suit, the fine, almost imperceptible stripe on the shirt, and the tiny white and blue diamonds on the tie. Yeah, it ain’t trailblazing haute couture, but it is fun for me.

Shirt is TM Lewin, Windsor, slim fit and necktie is another Turnbull and Asser.

Funny what a day off will do. All that extra time and I failed to figure out a shirt and tie combination to illustrate another tie knot. So today’s Turnbull and Asser is knotted in a dimpled four-in-hand. The tie is really burgundy with a navy lattice design. The burgundy does tend to shade shift depending upon the light and viewing angle. The shirt is a TM Lewin Windsor slim fit. Probably my most versatile shirt. Duh, right? It’s white.

Finally Back

Finally got moved into the new office. I was beginning to go into withdrawals not being able to strap on a tie. New office also means grainy pictures until I can figure out a good way to take them.

Shirt is TM Lewin and tie is another Turnbull and Asser. I really like the multi-color cross hatch pattern on this one.


Blogger’s block, I guess. Maybe it has something to do with the blocky pattern on the tie, which is, by the way, a Turnbull and Asser. This particular one has a wider blade than most of the others. It still makes a good sized knot. The shirt is a TM Lewin Buckingham slim fit. It is really the only slim fit, button cuff, formal shirt they offer. I do not really care for it. The collar is absolutely huge compared to their other models and the fit really isn’t all that slim.