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Riddle Me This

Both left and right images are a four-in-hand knot. The one on the left is how I normally tie my tie. What’s different, you might ask. Simple. With the knot on the left I started with the blade (apron) or wide end on my left. With the one on the right, I started with it on the right. The knot was formed in exactly the same place on the length of the tie but the one on the right is noticeably more asymmetrical. I’m one that likes my knots a little asymmetrical but the one on the right is a little too much.

It’s not the tie itself. I’ve done this with several neckties over the years. Just for grins. So what is it? The bias? I honestly don’t know.

I tried a similar experiment with a Half Windsor knot too:

Here’s the deal – with the Half Windsor I start with the wide end on the right but the way I tie it the blade’s last pass across the front is still from left to right. It’s less noticeable with a Half Windsor knot but there is a bit more asymmetricity there. (Is that a word? Firefox doesn’t think so.) In fact, from now on, if I decide to dimple a Half-Windsor instead of a Four-in-Hand, I will start with the blade on the left instead of the right.

There are two ways to tie a Half Windsor knot, according to Method 1 and Method2. As I said, I use Method 1 but I used to begin with the wide end on my right. I am a bit left handed for some things and a bit right handed for others. Maybe that’s why I’ve always switched up the beginning side for the blade depending on which knot I was tying. I can find no other name for Method 1 but Method 2 is the more conventional way of tying a Half Windsor. Brooks Brothers site says that’s the way to tie it. Who am I to argue with them?

Anyways, a bonus Sunday post. This was my church getup today. Usually I just recycle my Sunday combination sometime during the week. I decided to try a Sunday post since I will not be knotted up for Memorial Day. My thoughts and prayers with those who have fallen, their families and friends, and those yet in harm’s way.

Red Stripes II

This is what I have on right here and now. Yeah, I skipped tying one on yesterday. My work yesterday included some not so clean activities so I chose to protect my nicer clothes. I find it nice that I am not required to wear coat/suit and tie. I choose to do so. Why? Dunno. Prolly something in my childhood that I should blame on my parents or something. I enjoy it. If suit and tie were required I don’t think I would enjoy it quite as much. That and I’d look like everyone else.

Today is actually a coat and tie day. Stripes and checks up top and solid, tan trousers below the bottom of the picture. The tie is another Hilfiger that I picked up the same day I nabbed the Stephen Colbert inspired blue/navy stripe.

Another Mimic

Not too bad a copy, if I do say so myself. I saw the Colbert Report on Cinco de Mayo and thought his wardrobe department had put together a pretty snazzy combination. It must have been memorable because I noticed a very similar tie yesterday while I was out goofing around. Rather than delay trying it out I paired it up with a windowpane suit instead of a pinstripe. I wore the pinstripe yesterday. The other differences? I’ve got French cuffs working today and, the most obvious difference is that I finish things off with a pocket square. His wardrobe department is quite good but they do need to step it up just a bit in that regard.

The coolest similarity is that Colbert also uses a dimpled four-in-hand. Hah!


Belgian Waffle Humping, in case you were wondering. In reference to a Stephen Colbert segment and in deference to The Fangirl Suit Report. I really do enjoy the Suit Report and Gratefull’s descriptions. My vocabulary has been increased a fair bit just by looking up some of the words in her descriptions.

I thought I was going to be pretty sly combining this Hilfiger waffle with the window paned sport coat. Turns out that’s basically what I did in the original waffle humper of a post. There are a few differences but basically it’s kind of the same.

The shirt is a TM Lewin Buckingham slim fit. The Buckinghams have a barrel cuff rather than French cuffs. I’m guessing the original BWH post had a French cuff since that’s a suit rather than a sport coat.

Oh geeze, I’m starting to ramble…

Distant Minimalist

From a distance this combination appears to be a very minimal solid navy suit, solid blue shirt, and solid blue tie. Up close, not so much. Kinda like two outfits in one. Maybe.

Nine more posts and I hit the century mark. Wooo hooo! So the plan is to be all suited and necktied Monday through Friday this week and next. It’s been a while since I’ve gone M – F but I have a short term goal working to my advantage.