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Non Presidential

Not much in the way of comment today. It would seem everyone else has the day off. Even if they didn’t I would still be the only one sportin’ a gold, dimpled Brooks Brothers tie knotted in a four-in-hand. The French blue shirt is a TM Lewin Prince of Wales model. Happy Monday!


Simplicity at its Simplest

Navy windowpane suit, cream TM Lewin Prince of Wales shirt, navy, silver, yellow Turnbull and Asser necktie knotted in a four-in hand, plain, white cotton pocket square in a TV Fold. I guess there could be simpler but not by much.

Not a Different Knot

I’ve decided I can’t keep up with trying different tie knots right now. I thought it was a pretty simple idea but it wasn’t. C’est la vie.

Shirt is a TM Lewin but their Prince of¬† Wales collar instead of a Windsor collar. If only they offered this collar type in a slim fit. They do, but in a non-iron. Non-iron shirts don’t agree with me too well. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to skip out on ironing but something in the process irritates my skin. The tie is a Jos Bank. I like it because it has more texture and interest than a regular burgundy and gold stripe. The suit is also Jos Bank. Yeah, I know quite a few people knock them but they fit me quite well right off the rack. Durability isn’t bad either.

Another four-in-hand knot today. I just can’t keep up with the added planning of figuring out a tie that will work with a specific knot. Although today’s Paul Fredrick tie probably could have been coaxed into something out of the ordinary. The shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt. I’m really liking the way the blue window pane in the suit picks up the shirt color and the gold window pane the tie. Not really sure about my pocket square selection. Such is life.

Nicky Knot

Next up in the parade of tie knots, the Nicky. The Nicky is one of several knots that start with the tie’s back facing outward. What makes the Nicky different from the Pratt (or Shelby) is that when going back across the front for the last time, the blade (wide end) comes from the opposite side from where the blade went through the loop around your neck. Make sense? No? That’s why pictures make things so much easier – 1000 words ad all that. Check out the pictures for the Pratt and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

The tie is a Robert Talbott Studio model and the shirt is from Charles Tyrwhitt.

Vitriolic Rhetoric

I like this tie. I like it a lot. But it just did not want to play well to get its picture taken this morning. I finally gave up and what you see above is the best of almost 20 pictures. As I was beginning another round of picture taking there was a fair bit of vitriol spilling out under my breath. As I was meandering about the net, getting ready to write up today’s combination, I wandered over to my buddy Brooke’s blog, 100 Days, 100 Ties. I read this post and it changed my outlook on the day.

Here’s the thing. I honestly believe that most of us want what’s best for everyone. Where we disagree is the method to accomplish that. I honestly believe that if we assumed the good in each other we could all move forward in a respectful debate. Brooke took that leap of faith and assumed the other person would do the right thing. Just my two pennies.

The tie is a Tommy Hilfiger and the shirt is another TM Lewin.

Blue Monday

I had a pink Monday back in the beginning of December and mentioned that I was glad it wasn’t a Blue Monday. Boy was I ever glad, hindsight 20/20 and all. Road rage on the drive in, yelled at twice at church last night, so on, so forth. Sure would be nice to do something wrong before I’m the object of so much angst.

Bright and cheery Charles Tyrwhitt striped tie over a TM Lewin navy and blue, checked, spread collar shirt under a pinstriped, gray suit. The tie claims to be a seven fold but it’s really only got six folds.

Maybe instead of Fats Domino’s Blue Monday, John Lennon’s Nobody Told Me. Or Maybe some version of Mama Said. Or maybe the Mighty Zep’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine.